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Meet Bernie

In many ways, Florida politics today remind me of the scene in the Wizard of Oz where the Wizard claims that Dorothy and her companions should “ignore that man behind the curtain”.

Similarly, I am reminded of the film, A Few Good Men, where the Marine officer portrayed by Jack Nicholson claims that the judge and jury “can’t handle the truth”.

The fact of the matter is that most Americans can handle the truth. They just want us to know what the truth is. If there is one thing that I, like most of us, dislike is being lied to.

In essence, that is what Florida voters are being asked to do. Ignore the truth. Ignore the reality of what is happening today.

Floridians face real problems today. Price inflation, rising insurance rates and cancellations, a deteriorating environment and the growing risk of climate change, the effects of runaway growth, such as traffic, a lack of affordable housing and public transportation, substandard wages, the impact to many of the lasting vestiges of racism and discrimination and more.

At the same time, we now find ourselves needing leadership that brings us together and a legislature that is largely willing fight for the people and not primarily for their big donors.

We find ourselves mired in a seemingly endless cultural conflict that create division on mostly non existent issues like transgender bathrooms and athletes, critical race theory, the language contained in our math text
books, Disney and “Don’t Say Gay” and fictitious claims of voter fraud, among other things.

It is essential that we put aside these issues that divide us and start tackling the important things to help Florida families that will unite us.

As a small business owner, I don’t have the time nor the patience for these meaningless arguments. I see real problems and I work towards real solutions.

My decision to run for HD 58 is informed in large part, by my belief in a body of thought known as “Catholic Social Teaching”. This is an essential part of my faith and the faith of all Catholics worldwide. Among other things, Catholic Social Teaching stresses,

  • Respect of the dignity of all persons,

  • A preference for the poor, the vulnerable, the outcast,

  • Actions taken should promote benefit the common good,

  • Working in solidarity with each other rather than being divided.

  • It is essential to protect and nurture our common home,

  • Solving problems at the local level, and

  • Our economy should work for the person, not the other way around.


My promise is that I will use these principles and others to guide me in representing you in Tallahassee. I will focus on real solutions to real problems.

My promise is to find ways to unite us, rather than divide us.

My promise is to help create common sense ways to help all Floridians to prosper.



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